Sheet Music for 6 Hole Ocarina

About the Music

Our music for six hole ocarina (AKA pendant ocarinas) includes sheet music, tablature, chords, and lyrics. The tablature is a graphic representation of a standard pendant-style ocarina with six holes. Each hole is represented by circles. The circles are filled in to indicate that the hole should be covered. The circle is open if the hole is uncovered. The four inner circles are arranged so that the bottom circles correspond to the holes closest to your mouth when playing. The circles outside of and below the larger circle represent the holes on the bottom of the ocarina. Circles on the left indicate the holes played by the left hand, while those on the right indicate holes played by the right hand. Note that the fingerings in our tablature are based on common six hole fingerings (such as those used by Songbird Ocarina). However, it is possible that your ocarina has a different fingering for some notes. If any notes sound out of tune, you may need to refer to the fingering chart with your ocarina.

A six hole fingering chart is also available.

Download the Music

All of our sheet music and tablature is available for download as ebooks in PDF format. Below is a list of our available ebooks for 6-hole ocarina:

Title Composer Lyricist
99 Bottles of Beer unknown unknown View Music
A-Hunting We Will Go Thomas Arne Thomas Arne View Music
A-Tisket, A-Tasket unknown unknown View Music
Alouette unknown unknown View Music
Alphabet Song unknown unknown View Music
America unknown Samuel Francis Smith View Music
America, the Beautiful Samuel Augustus Ward Katharine Lee Bates View Music
Anchors Aweigh Charles A. Zimmerman Alfred Hart Miles View Music
Angels We Have Heard on High unknown unknown View Music
The Army Goes Rolling Along Edmund L. Gruber Harold W. Arberg View Music
Auld Lang Syne unknown Robert Burns View Music
Away in a Manger James R. Murray Traditional View Music
Baa, Baa Black Sheep unknown unknown View Music
Battle Cry of Freedom George Frederick Root George Frederick Root View Music
Battle Hymn of the Republic William Steffe Julia Ward Howe View Music
Bingo unknown unknown View Music
The Bonnie Blue Flag unknown Harry McCarthy View Music
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean David T. Shaw and Thomas Becket, Sr. David T. Shaw and Thomas Becket, Sr. View Music
Daisy Bell Harry Dacre Harry Dacre View Music
Deck the Hall unknown unknown View Music